We're grateful to have helped so many wonderful people!

" Eric Abel was always there for any questions any time of day or weekend. he spent the time needed with us to make such a life changing change.(moving from Ma to AZ)very professional and pays attention to what we have to say. Adrianna was also great to work with always professional in answering all questions and helping with all the finishing stuff. She is good at her job and gets it done very quickly. This real estate group was a GREAT CHOICE!!!!! "

Bruce M., Toronto,ON

" Hi Mark: We actually haven’t talked this time around however we did speak several years ago when I almost sold this home. Just wanted to let you know your team is AWESOME and very well run, the experience getting the listing moving was exceptional and all team members have been very timely and responsive. "

Ken S., Victoria, BC

" Eric was very informative and helpful in finding us a property that was in our price range and met our needs. Adriana was very helpful with everything involved in the closing. She kept us informed and was prompt in getting answers to my many email inquiries. We are working with Eric on another property right now and hopefully everything goes as smoothly as the first time. "

Brian S., Burnaby,BC

" Your teams help was instrumental in helping me become comfortable with not only a foreign market but its differences. All deserve a big thanks. "

Scott H., Edmonton,AB

" I was very happy with everything in the process of buying our home in Surprise. It is refreshing to deal with such a professional bunch of people. "

Brian S., Sudbury, ON

" Eric was great once we met him. Your office staff is fantastic and very helpful. "

Gord D., North Vancouver, BC

" The entire experience with Carvalho Real Estate was exceptional with the overall handling of our search and final commitment. My wife and I would use their services again in an instant. Their attention to detail and total service package was more than we expected. "

Ron G., Regina, SK

" We were in the market from Canada and had done a considerable amount of research beforehand but had a very short trip to the area in which we hoped to find and make a deal. On short notice, we were assigned a very knowledgeable and professional agent who dedicate herself to us for the duration of our stay, taking us around to different areas, viewing several properties and making a few offers before leaving with a solid potential which materialized into a very satisfactory outcome. From the first contact online, to the find and offer, to, and most importantly the closing services, we felt our interests were very well looked after by your very knowledgeable staff. We will most definitely recommend you."

Al F., Kelowna, BC

" The Carvalho Group was exceptional. The agents work ethic was examplary and he answered all of my questions and took the time to show me the homes that I would be interested in. I am an individual who expects a lot and likes to cut to the chase, they not only met my expectations they exceeded them. "

Brian G., Calgary, AB

" My partner Paula and I closed on a house in San Tan Valley last week and I just wanted to let you know about our experience with your company and Eric Abel in particular. I made my first trip down to the PHX area about a year and a half ago. I was closing in on an early retirement and Paula and I had decided that Winnipeg winters should be avoided at all costs if possible. Being aware of what was happening with real estate prices in your area we decided to look into what we might be able to purchase. I came down first in Nov of 08 on a business trip. I set aside 2 days to look at real estate with different agents, one of whom had been recommended by an acquaintance and Eric. I connected with Eric after speaking with you on the phone when I had come across your website while surfing for information on the internet. I spent the first day with the other agent and was almost ready to go home at that point. He was not well prepared, didn't seem particularly knowledgeable and in general did not inspire confidence. The next day with Eric was a breath of fresh air. He gave me a kind of whirlwind one day tour of the various areas in the SE and the types of housing to be found in them. He was knowledgeable, articulate, and was particularly impressive in his understanding of what I as a Canadian and a part time resident would have in terms of concerns and what I should be aware of. In short he was a consummate professional, prepared, knowledgeable, helpful and as a bonus very good company. I went home very excited about the possibilities. (As an aside I bumped into a friend in the Winnipeg airport on the way home from that trip who I infected with my enthusiasm to the point that he just completed closing on a house with Eric about 3 weeks ago.) I came down again last spring with Paula and again Eric spent the day with us. She ended up being as excited as me and we decided we wanted to buy something. Initially we were going to buy new in Anthem but changed our minds due to the fact that we could get so much more value for the same money on a resale. I came down again in January of this year and spent 2 plus days with Eric and had submitted 5 offers by the time I left. Even though I made it plain from the outset that we were not big $ clients I never felt that we were valued any less because of this. Also Eric has greatly helped facilitate our purchase by putting us in touch with a number of other professionals and tradespeople and we truly appreciate this as well. I feel as though we have made some new friends. As well Adriana and Jenna were great in looking after the administrative work. Eric put a lot of time and effort into looking after us and we are very appreciative of this. I have made a number of referrals to him and will of course continue to do so. I think he has closed 2 other pieces of business through me and hopefully there will be more. I apologize for how long winded this is but I wanted to let you know how great we felt about our experience with your company and with Eric in particular. You can rest assured that whenever the topic of a winter vaction home arises in our cold northern climes I am a staunch advocate of the east valley and Eric and your company in particular. "

Dave W., Winnipeg, MB

" I met with Eric this past week and had a chance to visit many areas in the Greater Phoenix area. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. I have met many realtors over the years and he stands out among them. He definitely strikes me as someone I can trust and would feel comfortable doing business with. This says a lot about your company. I was impressed on the full attention he gave me during the day and the fact that he was able to answer all my questions. He was not one of those realtors who spends more time on the phone with others than with you the client at hand. That was much appreciated. "

Les V., Delta, BC

" Being so far away we were a bit nearvous about a purchase in another country. We had looked at different countries and other US locations, Phoenix area being one of them (before, about 2 years ago). Eric explained the prosess very clearly and we felt comfortable have Eric's local knowlege. The area we finally bough was not on our screen before we met Eric. We were in Phoenix and saw first hand the johnson Ranch area and knew that we would be happy with our choice. The process was painless and we would recommend your company to our friends and any one we hear that is lookng at an Arizona property. "

Mark & Lori W., Edmonton, AB

" We arrived home safely from vacation. It is nice to come home after living out of a suitcase for 2 weeks. I was happy to get back with my horse. I would like to thank you for sending Mary our way. She is an amazing lady and so professional in her job. She made our stay worthwhile from the first day of arrival to our last day of stay in Arizona. Our decision to purchase our home in Queen Creek was made easy because we had the very best real estate agent in the U.S. What an outstanding person she really is. We laughed and enjoyed that lady so much. It was worth the trip. You are a very lucky lady to have her on your team. We have already passed her card to family and friends and have told them how fantastic she is. I'm sure there will be more business coming your way because of her. Her patience and her kindness was above and beyond the call of duty. She just made us feel at home and we truly have found a new friend and will keep in touch with her along life's journey. "

Toni S., Calgary, AB

" My partner and I were apprehensive as we ventured into the idea of purchasing a seasonal home in the US. Our uneasiness was put to rest very quickly as we spoke directly to members of the Carvalho group who answered questions , forwarded inforation and directed us to their informative web page. We have not hesitated to share our experience with fellow Canadians and have highly recommended the Carvalho group. "

Kim L., Calgary, AB

" From our first contact our agent was prepared for us. She could always find the time to go as early as we liked or as late as we liked. All questions were answered to our satisfaction. If she didn't know the answer to a question she would do research to satisfy our inquiries. She was always organized for the day and had a game plan so none of the day was lost. She showed us places that she knew we would not be satisfied with but we had to see in order to strike them off our list. Our agent was always pleasant and professional. I am not sure what goes on behind the scene when escrow begins, but Adriana through email and phone calls, kept us informed and up-to-date with the process of buying the home. The three months leading up to the purchase of our new home had us dealing with Kristin. We would receive many homes to look at sometimes on a daily basis over the internet so we could make decisions on where and what type of home fit our circumstance. Overall I would highly recommend The Carvalho Real Estate Group for purchasing a home in the Phoenix area. "

Glen C., Vancouver, BC

" Kate and I were seriously thinking about investing in a property in the United States.With the strong Canadian dollar and the soft U.S. housing market, we figured this would be our best opportunity to really get a property that we wanted at a great price. Our first choice was Hawaii (as we love Maui) but we began to think about how often we could realistically get to the Islands.Our second choice was Arizona, as it is an easy two-hour flight from Calgary and we have a total of 4 non-stops per day to choose from. I, like many people, am wary of the Internet sometimes, and when I wanted to search for homes or condos on the Phoenix area MLS, I had to align myself with an agent to get access to the MLS system. I found The Carvalho Real Estate Group website and thought “what the heck”, so I entered my criteria of what I was looking for and my name and phone number and that was basically it. I am so glad I did!!! I was immediately in touch with Kristin and had a great initial chat on the phone on what we were looking for. It really was huge that the Carvalho Group has plenty of experience with Canadian clients, and they understand the differences in our two real estate purchasing systems. We immediately began receiving MLS listings and exchanged daily emails with Kristin on what her thoughts were on the product, neighbourhood, etc. Within 2 months (and a few trips down), we closed on a great home, on a lake, at a great price. Adriana took care of all the closing procedures and explained every step meticulously. The team was fantastic in taking care of us while we were there and while we were back at home. We are so glad that the Internet brought us together with The Carvalho Real Estate Group as they made the entire process from start to finish so easy for us and the professional manner at every step of the way was second to none. We now have the Arizona property we wanted and look forward to heading down on long weekends and other holiday times throughout the year.We highly recommend The Carvalho Real Estate Group. Feel free to contact them for my contact info if you have any questions for me. "

David J.& Kate D., Calgary, AB

" Beyond expectations !!! Eric is personable, down to Earth and was genuinely interested in helping us find a house. We felt like we had known him for years. Adriana was very pleasant and efficient, she assisted us with all our needs. She even helped my wife with directions and suggestions on where to buy furniture.(very helpful when you don't know the city at all. Very professional and friendly staff! "

Curtis B.,Regina, SK Calgary, AB

" From start to finish in purchasing our Arizona snow bird paradise we were surprised on how smooth everything went. The Carvalho Group (never met them before)and agent Jamie Meyer was a surprise that Canadians don't usually expect. I will be recommending them to other Snow Birds looking for their paradise in the sun. "

Scott M., Burnaby, BC

" Eric was very friendly and knowledgeable which made our experience an absolute joy. Although we had very little time to accomplish our goal of purchasing a home, Eric gave us the opportunity and options that we required to fulfill our dream. Thanks Eric! It was a pleasure meeting and working with you! All the best! "

Sandy A., Calgary, AB

" We have worked with many real estate agents in the course of buying and selling numerous homes in Victoria and Whistler. Kristin was far superior to any we have encountered to date. The degree of knowledge, humour, professionalism and service she provided is above and beyond what we expected. We stongly recommend her to all buyers."

Terry G., Calgary, AB

" I'm a country boy and believe strongly in the old saying 'money talks, bullshit walks'. I have already referred 2 people directly to Korey, and have told a few more 'interested' parties about your website. To my knowledge, you have made one sale from our referral, and the second referral is not down to Phoenix till January. I will continue to speak highly of your entire organization as I feel very strongly about the quality service we received through out this process, and do not hesitate to reccomend it to people. I was nervous at first about giving out info over the web to people I didn't know. Concerned about getting on mailing lists and such like that. The very professional contact I received from Kristen assured me that I had made the right choice, and we were extremely pleased with Korey's very down to earth and straight forward information, while also providing us with excellent knowledge of the area. Money will continue to talk, as the folks we referred to you likely to refer others. "

Dan G., Calgary, AB

" Not being completely versed on Arizona real estate and accompanying laws I found is very assuring dealing with Jamie and your company. In Canada transactions are conducted very differently and Jamie was very aware of many of those differences. I have recommended Jamie and Carvalho to many of my friends and associates for any of their real estates needs. "

Richard & Helen W., Edmonton, AB

" Excellent service , found our property in 3 days we only had 5 days to look and still managed to play 7 rounds of golf. Carvalho's people and contacts are top notch and I would and do recommend them to anyone. "

Richard & Helen W., Edmonton, AB

" Mary and her team at Carvalho far exceeded my expectations. They were pleasant, professional and extremly knowledgable! Even after the sale closed they were helpful and touched base to make sure I was happy with my purchase. I have and will continue to recommend them to family and friends. "

Michelle A., St Albert, AB

" For a Canadian buying in Phoenix the experience was quick and efficient. We were given enough information before arriving that with the agents help were able to make the purchase we wanted for a good value in the little time we spent in Phoenix. "

Will M., Calgary, AB

" We want to thank you for all the work you and your team did to help us find and purchase our new winter home in Anthem. You have a great team working with you they are to be congradulated on the good work they do. All of you made the process of finding and purchasing the home a painless process. We will be going to Peonix at the end of November to pick up our house keys and get a few things done. We will be making an appointment with Adrianna to pick up the keys. It would be nice if we could meet you as well. Although you are behind the scenes, without your assistance we would not have found our house. We have friends that would like you to help also. Once again, thank you and your staff for all their help. "

Darla & Murray F., Fox Creek, AB